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State of Sledge | Episode 14

The fourteenth episode of Sledge Hammer was titled State of Sledge and was the fourteenth episode of the show’s first season. The precinct comes under siege after internal affairs force Sledge to give a Satanic cult leader his one phone call. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at the performance of Sledge, Dori and Captain Trunk under duress.



When Tom Henschel‘s Inspector Perkins observes Sledge being Sledge in processing the arrest of cult leader Slag (Mark Blankfield) the glowing report Trunk was hoping for evaporates. Slag is allowed his one phone call and dials Angel (Debra De Liso) who gathers the cultists, including Michel Voletti as a Soldier of Evil, to launch a siege of the precinct until their leader is released.


Sledge, Dori and Trunk try to hold their ground with help (or hindrance) from Perkins, a cadet named Ricky (Darren Powell) and Officer Grace (Toni Attell), while The Doors’ drummer John Densmore cameos as the precinct janitor.


Director Daniel Attias followed his work on To Live and Die on TV with this, his final Sledge episode. The story was by familiar faces Al Jean and Mike Reiss.


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State of Sledge was released in 1987. It is 30 minutes long and originally aired on the ABC network. This episode is available on the Sledge Hammer DVD box set from Laser Paradise (German/English language) in Region 2 and from Image Entertainment in Region 1 (USA).


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